Future Focus

Brown and Caldwell is committed to being the Company of Choice for our clients and employees. Our inaugural Balance and Belonging report is an essential first step to have an ongoing, transparent dialog of our progress in creating a more diverse organization and fostering a culture of belonging.

We are committed to our Balance and Belonging efforts and will continuously be examining our policies and practices to ensure BC is the place to be in our industry. This first report reflects an intentional strategy, set in place several years ago, to intensify our efforts to reshape our culture. It is also a testament to our future and the endeavors we must take on to continuously improve and grow. With each day, we will continue getting better. As we learn and expand our awareness, finding opportunities for change, our commitments will evolve over time.

Our vision for the future is ambitious, and we have the unwavering support of our leadership and our employee community ready to engage and enact growth. In addition to the information shared in this report, I am excited to share the following fast-track activities recently launched to advance Balance and Belonging at BC:

Advance Pay Equity: As illustrated in the Pay Equity section of this report, Brown and Caldwell is committed to a fair process for pay. This commitment is furthered through various efforts such as broad recruitment activities, development opportunities, flexible work environments, fair promotional processes, and advanced pay transparency practices. For example, we are implementing and expanding Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, one of the most stringent pay equity laws in the U.S., beginning in January 2021. A component of this new law requires employers to disclose a pay range for each job posting. We will be applying elements of this requirement companywide to ensure greater transparency and a level playing field both in the hiring process and over time on the job. More information on this topic will be provided later in the year.

Companywide Balance and Belonging Education: We are focused on cultivating more awareness and accountability on the importance of Balance and Belonging, its importance at BC, and the expectations and responsibility of our employees to foster a healthy organization. In October of 2020, we initiated our first companywide training program for our employees on this topic. This foundational training is just the beginning, and our workforce should expect more as we continue to evolve and grow our efforts to advance Balance and Belonging for the company.

Dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Director: BC has hired the company’s first leadership role dedicated to identifying and implementing programs to lead, execute, and measure our Balance and Belonging efforts. I am excited to announce that Andrea Hall, PHR, SHRM-CP, has joined BC as our new head of Diversity and Inclusion. Andrea brings the experience, wisdom, and leadership capabilities needed to advance our commitments and strategy at a level that will rapidly position BC as the employer of choice in our industry. She will develop our D&I strategy, our roadmap and work closely with our Talent Management team to further embed diversity and inclusion into our talent practices and cultural initiatives. Andrea’s role is critical to the success of the D&I journey here at BC and to that end, she will have dotted line reporting to the CEO with full access and support of the Executive team.

Balance and Belonging Council: Our employees are passionate about being advocates and champions for change, equality, and Balance and Belonging. As employee-owners, they each have a voice; and we, as leaders, listen to them. This year, we are launching a new Balance and Belonging Council, dedicated to enhancing an environment that attracts and retains top talent, values diversity of life experiences and perspectives, and drives innovation in pursuit of our Company of Choice strategy.

This is a journey. We will continue to learn, create greater awareness, and reshape our thinking over time. I am excited to be part of BC’s journey forward, working with our passionate teams to develop new programs, embrace new ideas, and ultimately enacting change within our industry.

Robert Chapman
Chief People Officer
Brown and Caldwell