A Culture of Belonging

Employee Networking Groups

To nurture an inclusive environment where employees are empowered to connect and share their experiences and ideas, Brown and Caldwell encourages the creation of Employee Networking Groups (ENGs). These employee-run, highly active groups engage employees and leadership around organizational diversity, provide a forum to develop new skills, build community, grow professionally, and enact change.

ENG’s create a place of trust and authenticity, where employees are encouraged to connect, learn, and grow. With a significant impact throughout our company and potential to do more, in 2020, an executive decision was made to empower these ENGs with dedicated funding to facilitate change.

A shared passion and interest for building up and empowering women in engineering, leadership, and career growth to positively impact Brown and Caldwell, our industry, and our communities.

Intent on advancing an authentic and accepting workplace, industry, and world, this supportive and transparent environment supports employees and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Focused on creating a space of trust, transparency, and open dialogue to discuss diversity, race, and ethnicity to advance equality and acceptance in our workplace and communities.

Creating a stronger employee support system, this group shares concerns, opportunities, and solutions for virtual and office workers throughout the company to enhance our culture and improve our workplace.

Navigating the daily complexities of family and work is easier with the support and community of others. This open forum supports parents so they can thrive at work and at home.

A place of welcome and a guidepost for those new in their career or technical field to identify mentoring and professional growth opportunities. Focused on relationships, networking, and having fun.  

Sharing clarity and strength to navigate life’s challenges, by courageously feeling, authentically expressing, and sharing tools to positively manage emotions and thoughts