Balance and Belonging Annual Report 2020

A workplace for everyone

We create a stronger community when we value and respect the attributes that make each of us unique. Brown and Caldwell refers to this community of diversity and inclusion as Balance and Belonging.

We believe the more diverse a team is, the better they perform, driving greater innovation and engagement. Our business depends on this; it is the right thing to do, and it makes BC better.

In our first Balance and Belonging annual report, we detail our commitment to initiate change and cultivate a culture where belonging is a shared experience, not an initiative. We highlight the progress made to create a culture and space for employees to be their authentic selves—recognizing this is an ongoing journey. And finally, we celebrate our employees: their passion, their heart, and their voice to celebrate change.

Together, these Balance and Belonging activities form our fingerprint, celebrating the individuality and personal connections of our employees while leaving a unique impression on our clients and communities.