Michael Karl

What is the “smart water” movement, and how can it help utilities meet the challenges of aging infrastructure and compliance?

In this podcast with Water Online Chief Editor Kevin Westerling, Keith Kolkebeck, SUEZ in North America’s Director of Technical Services, and Brown and Caldwell’s National Smart UtilitySmart Utility Technology Lead Michael Karl, explain how new technology, big data, artificial intelligence, human wisdom, and water system needs converge into this new movement called “smart water.”

Kolkebeck and Karl also discuss SUEZ in North America’s partnership with Brown and Caldwell and the National Smart Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Master Plan.

“There’s a lot of new technology, and there’s a lot of chance to implement it in an ad-hoc way,” Michael says. “It really takes a thorough evaluation of what your needs are, and how you can fit technology into your culture…it’s worthwhile to plan your digital future.”

Click here to listen to the podcast (17 minutes, 13 seconds)

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