April 2 – 6


BC’s Florida Gulf Coast Experts will be attending the Florida Water Resources Conference for the Florida Section of the American water Works Association. The event brings together a broad range of professionals: engineers, scientists, operators, technicians, and management of all water utilities. The FWRC also features one of the largest regional technical exhibitors in the nation with the participation of over 350 manufacturers and services providers. This forum for presentations and discussions of cutting-edge technology development as well as practical case studies of applications of technology in water and wastewater utilities.


Wednesday, April 3

Track C: Nutrient Removal
Nitrogen Oxides Transformations and Low Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations
Jose Jimenez, PhD, PE, BCEE, Speaker
9:30 AM

Track D: Distribution Systems 1
Impact of Corrosion Inhibitors on Lead and Copper Bleaching (Bench-scale study)
Hisyam Mohsin, Speaker
8:00 AM

Track B: Potable Water Treatment
Peace River Water Treatment Facility: Lessons Learned from Pilot Testing
Mike Condran, PE, Speaker
8:00 AM

Thursday, April 4

Track A: Modeling/GIS/Computer II
The Use of 3D Model Simulations in Structures in Support of the LKB STA Project
Gabriel Retana, PE, Speaker
9:30 AM