Papers and Reports

This paper describes the activities performed to implement a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at three water reclamation centers (WRCs), seven combined sewer overflow (CSO) treatment facilities, and fourteen pump stations for the City of Atlanta. The City of Atlanta was under a Consent Decree to install and implement a maintenance management system for the R.M. Clayton, Utoy Creek, and South River WRCs. The Consent Decree also includes equipment associated with the pump stations and CSO treatment facilities. The Consent Decree was developed to ensure that preventive and corrective maintenance is conducted, and that equipment integral to proper operation and maintenance, treatment units, and tanks are maintained so as to achieve compliance with the NPDES permits. This paper provides information on the experience gained in implementing a CMMS for a Wastewater Public Utility and provides information on lessons learned and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of CMMS implementation at Utilities. Additional information is provided as to how the CMMS implementation relates to the requirements of the new Government Accounting Standard Board (GASB 34) and the proposed Capacity Maintenance Operations Management (CMOM) regulation.