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Personalized News Dashboard

Your user preferences are reflected in your personalized news dashboard. Across the site, subscribers will see the same top Headlines and Most Popular stories, however, below that, the content is unique to your geographic subscriber preferences. You can update your preferences at any time. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to My News
  2. Click the top right icon to visit your profile
  3. Update your preferences
  4. Click “Save changes” to update


Real-Time Authentication

When logging in for the first time, you will be asked to authenticate your email address to claim your BC Water News profile. This is a simple email process that requires you to click on the validation email link that will then take you to your personalized news dashboard. You will only need to re-authenticate after 30 days of inactivity or when logging into the site from a new device.

Reduced Emails

With the world of water accessible when you want it, we will no longer be sending daily emails. News will continue to be updated each morning by 9AM and accessible in your personalized dashboard. You can expect to receive an email Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with top headlines that align with your subscriber preferences. Emails will resume Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

Robust Search Engine

Did you want to look back at that headline? You can now search the BC Water News site to locate past articles by keyword and filtering by region and topic.

Accessible Site Content 

The new site meets ADA, Sec 508, WCAG 2.1 AA standards by providing continuous testing, monitoring, and accessibility remediation. Digital content is more accessible to people with disabilities using Assistive Technologies to change things like color contrast, the size of the cursor, font, font size, and more.

Responsive Design

The new site continues our legacy of being mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly, but now leverages swiping, animation, and other design features to make the content more user-friendly on a variety of screen sizes.

Security Enhancements

The new site utilizes a headless CMS and was built with React to deliver secure static pages that results in high performing page delivery on a fully scalable cloud hosting solution, while being optimized for SEO. Users can access the news anytime with their registered email address using real-time email authentication. This authentication will only need to be repeated if users are inactive for 30 days in a row, logging in from an alternate device, or returning after logging out of their profile.

Meet the BC Water News Editing Team

The hand-curated content of BC Water News is reviewed daily by the team of experts across North America featured below. Their commitment to excellence is what continues to make BC Water News the valued industry resource it is today. If you need assistance, please email us and someone will be in touch.


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