April 24 – 27

BC is a proud sponsor of the Florida Water Resources Conference, which is dedicated to preserving and enhancing Florida’s water environment and brings the region’s best and brightest water thought leaders to exchange knowledge and network.


Monday, April 25 

Laser-Focus Pipe Inspection to Locate I/I Sources and Comply with SB712
Andy Lukas, PE, Speaker
10:00 AM

Biogas Harvester Recovers Dissolved Biogas for Energy and Odor Control
John Willis, PhD,PE, BCEE, Speaker
3:30 PM

Tuesday, April 26

Re-calibrating our Approach of Modeling EBPR and S2EBPR Processes 
Mark Miller, PhD, PE, Speaker
8:30 AM

Investigating the Use of Internally Stored Carbon in Post-Anoxic Denitrification 
Kayla Bauhs, Speaker
9:30 AM

An Innovative Approach to Eliminate Discharge of Secondary Effluent to the Ocean
Nigel Grace, PE, Speakers
8:30 AM

Predictive Iron Dosing for Phosphorus Removal – A Data-Driven Strategy
Varun Srinivasan, PhD, Speakers
2:30 PM

A Full-Scale Demonstration of BNR Intensification Achieved by Advanced Aeration
Pusker Regmi, PhD, PE, BCEE, Speaker
3:00 PM

Biological and Physical Selection for Continuous-Flow Sludge Densification
Jose Jimenez, PhD, PE, BCEE, Speaker
3:30 PM

Design of A-2 Stormwater Treatment Area Advances Everglades Restoration
James Nissan, PE, Speaker
2:30 PM