To build community and grow connections, communication is key. That’s why Engelhard Elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky, realized it needed a curbside electronic sign but also required help to make that sign a reality.

“Communication is the key to parent and community engagement,” Engelhard’s Family Resource Center Coordinator Regina Jackson-Willis said. “In a digital world where things can change quickly, the electronic sign is the key to Engelhard successfully achieving optimal communication and removing barriers to student success.”

That’s when Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District’s Community Benefits Program stepped in and connected Engelhard with local BCers. The program leverages capital investments in water infrastructure to benefit ratepayers through workforce development, education, and economic development.

“The program embeds social responsibility in the utilities’ outsourced construction and professional services contracts.”

Director of Community Benefits & Partnerships Sharise Horne

It’s this commitment to social responsibility that brought together the school’s Jackson-Willis and BC Louisville Office Leader David Hafner, who was able to jump in, with fellow BCer Environmental Engineer Allie Sprinkle, to present a $17,000 donation to bring the school a step closer to securing their new sign in April.

Engelhard Elementary

Left to right: Engelhard Elementary Family Resource Center Coordinator Regina Jackson-Willis and Engelhard Elementary Principal Dr. Ryan McCoy stand in front of the school sign that they plan to replace with an electronic board with the help of a $17,000 donation from Brown and Caldwell’s Louisville, Kentucky, office.

“I’ve always wanted to give away a big check to a worthy cause,” Hafner said. “Working with Regina and Louisville MSD’s Community Benefits Program, my wish came true.”

The electronic sign enables the school to engage with the community by providing real-time updates safely and remotely.

Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack fights food insecurity by providing meals to students when they are not in school. Last year, the BC Louisville team donated $38,000 through Louisville MSD’s Community Benefits Program.

“It will be much easier to keep parents, students, and the neighborhood updated with important information throughout the year,” Hafner said.

The sign marks the second collaboration between Jackson-Willis and BC through the Community Benefits Program. Last year, the team donated $38,000 to Engelhard Elementary through Blessings in a Backpack, a nonprofit that fights food insecurity by providing meals to students when they are not in school.

In addition, the BC Louisville office also supports Family Scholar House, a housing and mentorship program for single moms and dads. BCers help with one-on-one coaching, STEM education, resumes, and career fairs.

“I believe in being a good neighbor and making a positive impact,” Hafner said. “Programs like these help us give back to our community year-round.”

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