Waters of the United States (WOTUS) continues to make headlines in environmental news. This month, the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced a new definition of WOTUS. The proposed rule is the second step in a two-part process to clarify federal authority under the Clean Water Act by replacing the 2015 Clean Water Rule, as well as regulations preceding 2015.

Once this proposed rule is published in the Federal Register, a 60-day comment period will begin. In the meantime, a  can be found on EPA’s rulemaking website.

In addition to this announcement, I found these articles selected from BC’s BLR source the most impactful to our clients this month:

Attaining ‘RCRA empty’

Get to know the federal requirements of the  hazardous waste regulations to understand if you have a true “RCRA empty” container. There are different standards for both containers and inner liners used for waste storage, including standards for hazardous waste, compressed gas hazardous waste, and acute hazardous waste.

EPA to finalize 2016 NPDES updates

This month, the EPA plans to  to regulations governing the Clean Water Act’s (CWA) .

The new direction is meant to provide more timely development of NPDES permits, with updates applying to permit application requirements; the water quality based permitting process; permit objection, documentation, and process efficiencies; vessels exclusion; and the  process.

EPA edits information request policies

Two EPA offices are revising their best practices on soliciting information from the regulated community.

 applies specifically to noncompliance/enforcement data that the EPA needs to implement the CWA.

The  applies to information needed for compliance/enforcement purposes, including the Clean Air Act, the RCRA and the CWA. These updates do not apply to public comments the EPA requests on proposed regulations or draft guidance and policy documents.

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Meghan Krishnayya, Indianapolis, is the Compliance & Permitting Service Line Director for Brown and Caldwell, with expertise in environmental regulatory program strategy development and implementation.

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