WEFTEC17 Presentation Lineup

One hundred thirty years ago, Chicago did what many thought impossible: the city reversed the direction of the Chicago River and redirected wastewater away from the Great Lakes. It was an unprecedented milestone in civil engineering that allowed metropolitan Chicago to prosper into the world-class city of today.

As water experts from across the country converge at WEFTEC this week, today’s water visionaries, as well as the next generation of leaders, are channeling this same entrepreneurial spirit – rethinking conventional methods in order to thrive in today’s dynamic environment and be prepared for the future that is quickly unfolding.

Asset Management

Smart Utility - Then and Now (Alternate)
Michael Karl
Session 508, Wednesday, 8:30AM
Room S502a

Inspecting the Uninspectable: A 40-Year-Old Force Main Beneath a Drinking Water Reservoir. Failure is Not an Option
Ari Elden
Session 512, Wednesday, 9:00AM
Room N426a

Collection Systems and Distribution

An Intolerable Mess: A Risk Cost Assessment Approach for Basement Backups (Alternate)
David Perry
Session 103, Monday, 10:30AM
Room S504d

Going Deep: A Large Diameter Tunnel and Deep Lift Station Provide the Best Solution to Meet Community, Stakeholder and Agency Needs
Timothy Banyai
Session 213, Monday, 1:30PM
Room N426a

Navigating the Regulatory Challenges of the Gowanus Canal: Coordinating CERCLA, the Clean Water Act, and Administrative Order Requirements to Provide a Compliant and Operable CSO Facility Located in the Middle of a Superfund Site (Alternate)
Geoffrey Grant
Session 412, Tuesday, 1:30PM
Room N426a

Energy Production, Conservation & Management

Road Trip: Arriving at a New Vehicle Fuel Production System for Biogas Use
Daniel Hull
Session 210, Monday, 1:30PM
Room S505a

Industrial Issues and Treatment Technologies

Discharger Specific Variances Under the Clean Water Act
Andrew Neuhart
Session 304, Tuesday, 8:30AM
Room S405b

Fate and Forms of Selenium in a Biological Nutrient Removal Wastewater Plant
Dominic Pontarolo
Session 502, Wednesday, 9:00AM
Room S405a

Modeling, GIS, Instrumentation and Automation

Development of A-Stage Intermediate Clarifier Design Standards Using CFD Modeling
Mark Miller
Session 605, Wednesday, 3:30PM
Room S402b


More Than Algae: Making or Breaking the Link Between Nutrients and Vascular Plant Infestations
Clifton Bell
Session 217, Monday, 4:00PM
Room S502b

Full-Scale Evaluation of Carbon and Energy Efficient Combined Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal With Advanced Aeration and Settleability Control
Pusker Regmi
Session 409, Tuesday, 4:30PM
Room S504d

Research and Innovation

Simultaneous Nutrient Removal Through Low Dissolved Oxygen Operation: Application, Pitfalls and Design
Jose Jimenez
Session 301, Tuesday, 9:00AM
Room S501a

Evolution of a Passive Control Device Keeps Foam at Bay in BNR Systems
Henryk Melcer
Session 401, Tuesday, 4:30PM
Room S501a

The National Implications of Adding Sewer CH4 and Methanol-Derived CO2 to Wastewater Treatment and Conveyance GHG Inventories
John Willis
Session 520, Wednesday, 10:30AM
Room S501a

Resiliency, Disaster Planning and Recovery

Blueprint for One Water: Tactical Guidance for Developing an Integrated One Water Framework
Wendy Broley
Session 320, Tuesday, 10:30AM
Room S504a

Residuals and Biosolids Management

Centralized Solids Management: Possibility of Better Economics With Reduced Risks
Perry Schafer
Session 223, Monday, 3:30PM
Room S501a

Detailed Market Analysis Helps Focus Capital Decisions for Orange County Sanitation District
Natalie Sierra
Session 309, Tuesday, 10:30AM
Room N426c

City of Nampa’s Sundried Class A Biosolids Story
Steven Drangsholt
Session 309, Tuesday, 11:00AM
Room N426c

Stormwater, Green Infrastructure and Wet Weather

WEF Stormwater Quality Modeling Publication: 2017 Year in Review
Caroline Burger
Session 216, Monday, 2:00PM
Room S503b

Chemically Enhanced High-Rate Treatment Demonstration Program: What Have We Learned?
Daniel Davis
Session 408, Tuesday, 2:00PM
Room S501d

At the Intersection of Process & Design: The Road from Demonstration Testing to Design Reality for High Rate Wet Weather Treatment
Nicholas Bucurel
Session 408, Tuesday, 2:30PM
Room S501d

Sustainability and Climate Change

Rising Tides: Strategies to Protect a Coastal WWTP from Climate Change Impacts
Adam Klein
Session 429, Tuesday, 4:30PM
Room S504a

Providing a Clearer Picture of Stormwater Flooding Using 2D Modeling
Mike Wegner
Session 314, Tuesday, 11:00AM
Room S503a

Utility Management and Leadership

An Innovative Approach to Integrated Planning Tackles Multiple Environmental Challenges in a Single Bound
Richard Stahr
Session 320, Tuesday, 11:30AM
Room S504a

Progressive Design-Build Project Delivery Leads to Successful Support of a Local Manufacturing Facility with Municipal Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure
Tim Masterson
Session 419, Tuesday, 2:00PM
Room S403a

Water Reclamation and Reuse

Evaluation of Surface Water Augmentation at Lake Jennings
Paige Russell
Session 220, Monday, 2:00PM
Room S404a
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Blueprint for
One Water
Blueprint for One Water

Join BC’s water reuse leader Wendy Broley on Tuesday as she dives into the Blueprint for One Water, sharing the insights of over 800 water professionals and real-world examples of how diverse utilities are pursuing One Water initiatives. You can also download it now!
One Water Poster
One water poster

A perfect One Water conversation starter, this poster features a depiction of the various ways water makes its way through a community. The back of the poster outlines the steps you can take to integrate a One Water framework into your program.