DENVER, Co. — Leading environmental engineering and construction firm Brown and Caldwell is pleased to announce Brittany Sorenson is appointed Rockies Infrastructure Area Practice Leader. The new position highlights the firm’s continued commitment to meeting the water and wastewater infrastructure needs of clients across Utah and Colorado.

With a decade of experience in both the municipal and private sectors, Sorenson’s experience in infrastructure engineering spans conveyance, wastewater, and water utility projects ranging from pump stations to large diameter pipeline designs. Sorenson brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to meet the projected demands of the Rockies Area’s most complex infrastructure challenges.

Aging infrastructure and steady growth are driving utilities across the Rockies to invest in end of useful life infrastructure improvements. To update Utah’s aging infrastructure alone, Prepare 60 estimates an $18B investment through 2060, and this figure doesn’t account for new infrastructure to meet projected growth demands. With Sorenson leading the charge, her familiarity with the local environment and communities, a team of local experts at the ready, and a deep bench of national expertise to pull from, Brown and Caldwell is positioned to help the Rockies meet the infrastructure challenges of tomorrow.

As Rockies Area Infrastructure Practice Leader, Sorenson is responsible for partnering with clients to find solutions for their infrastructure, operations management, and expanding Brown and Caldwell’s regional presence and team of experts to meet forecasted market demands.

“I am pleased to welcome Brittany back to her home state of Utah. There’s something special about planning, engineering, and building infrastructure for and within the communities that have made an impact on your life or career. Her passion for exploring new ideas and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients and communities will advance the future of Utah and the Rockies.”

Brown and Caldwell Rockies Area Leader Joseph Casias

A licensed professional engineer, Sorenson holds a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Utah.

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