June 12–15, 2022

Join us in San Antonio or virtually for ACE 22, the world’s premiere water conference. Water sector professionals from across the country will join to connect, learn, and exchange expertise. Don’t miss BC experts as they present on a variety of topics ranging from potable reuse to diversity and inclusion.

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Expanding Water Treatment Optimization with Custom Real-Time Process Data Analytics
Jamie Lefkowitz, Speaker
4:30 PM
MON10 – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Applications of Advanced Analytics

Disinfection for Filtration Systems Including Target Pathogens and Types of Disinfection
Damon Roth, Speaker
10:30 AM
TUE01 – 101 Session: Conventional Treatment

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

What Has Changed in the LCRR and Status of Final Regulation
Helene Baribeau, Speaker
8:30 AM
TUE08 – Managing Lead and Copper Under the LCRR – Practical Solutions

GLWA Pilots New Opportunities at Lake Huron for Research, Training, and Innovation
Denise Funk, Lynn Williams-Stephens, Speakers
9:30 AM
TUE07 – Innovations Leading to Successful WTP Implementation

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Engineers and Operators Working Together to Improve Biofilter Backwashing
Denise Funk, Speaker
11:00 AM
TUE05 – Assessments and Innovations Enhance Water Treatment Plant Performance

UV/Chlorine AOP in Potable Reuse: Assessment of Applicability, Operational Issues, and Potential By-Products
Erin Mackey, Speaker
2:30 PM
TUE21 – Advances in Potable Reuse Treatment and Monitoring Techniques

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – Catalyzing Change
Katie Porter, Cheyanne Harris, Speakers
4:00 PM
TUE37 – Stimulating Transformative Change Through Diversity and Inclusion

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

WRF 4917 – Using Smart Water Networks for Manage Pressure and Flow for Reduction of Water Loss and Pipe Breaks
Michael Karl, Speaker
8:30 AM
WED05 – Innovations in Leakage Management

Implementation of the Richland Creek Water Supply Program – An Innovative Off-Peak Pumped Storage Water Supply Solution
Kelly Comstock, Speaker
9:10 AM
WED09 – CMAR Project Delivery For Risk Allocation and a Sustainable Environment

Mitigating and Responding to Water Shortages: JVWCDs Drought Contingency Plan
Jacob Young, Speaker
10:00 AM
WED06 – Climate Resilience, Drought Planning, and Reuse


Tuesday, June 14

Q&A Panel
Helene Baribeau, Panelist
11:00 AM
TUE08 – Managing Lead and Copper Under the LCRR – Practical Solutions

Wednesday, June 15

Advances in Reuse – From Nonpotable to Direct Potable Reuse
Erin Mackey, Moderator
1:30 PM