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The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) new 30,000,000-gal/day (113,500-m3/day) Water Reclamation Plant presently under construction near Concord, Calif., will produce water for industries located along the shores of Suisun Bay about 25 mild (40 km) northeast of San Francisco. In 1972 the CCCSD completed contract negotiations with the Contra Costa Water District for the purchase, initially of 19,000,000-gal/day (72,000-m3/day) of reclaimed water. Five industries, Phillips Petroleum, Shell Oil, Stauffer Chemical, Monsanto, and the Pacific Gas and Electric power station that serves Shell Oil, will use 75% of the reclaimed water for cooling and the remainder for process purposes. Industries will be linked to the plant by 4 miles (6.4 km) of pressure pipeline which will be able to serve many more industries. Reclaimed water produced in excess of industrial needs will be discharged to Suisun Bay. Because the water will be virtually free of oxygen demanding materials, nutrients, and toxicants, it will not have any deleterious effect on the receiving waters. The industrial water contract set quality limits of 1 mg/1 total phosphorus and 5 mg/1 total nitrogen.