PORTLAND, Ore. — The WateReuse Association has appointed Brown and Caldwell’s Holly Tichenor as vice president (VP) of its Pacific Northwest (PNW) section. The regional section of the nation’s only association solely dedicated to advancing laws, policy, funding, and public acceptance of recycled water consists of numerous Washington, Oregon, and Idaho-based utilities and organizations.

With a 24-year background in strategic planning and communications for water and wastewater projects and programs, Tichenor’s experience includes stakeholder engagement support for large-scale urban water supply solutions, including water reuse projects involving complex community outreach strategies. As project manager, she has led stakeholder coordination, strategic visioning and planning, and outreach implementation on some of the most innovative water reuse programs in the West.

As VP, Tichenor will lend her expertise to key WateReuse PNW initiatives, working in conjunction with the board on items such as an updated strategic plan for the section. Efforts will focus on developing cost-effective, resilient recycled water solutions through advocacy and education to find new water reuse opportunities as the region faces climate-change impacts, growth, and new compliance requirements.

The number of water reuse facilities – operational, under construction, or in various stages of planning – has increased in the region over the past several years as outlined by Tichenor:

“I am honored to serve as WateReuse PNW vice president and continue our efforts in promoting water reuse, a sustainable solution proven to offer economic, social, and environmental benefits for our future. Recycled water is an essential resource that promotes effective water management and alternatives that optimize community and  environmental benefits.”

Based in Portland, Oregon, Tichenor is Brown and Caldwell’s Oregon leader, supporting its staff and service to clients throughout the state. She volunteers with several professional organizations, including serving as education committee chair and board member for the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies.

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