September 14-17

Join us for the virtual 2021 Rocky Mountain Water Summit where you can learn about the latest developments and insights impacting the water and wastewater industry and the needs of the Rocky Mountain region.


Wednesday, September 15

Transformative Water Supply: Greeley’s Next Tap
Scott Higbee, Samantha Kepley, Speakers
10:10 – 10:55 AM ET


Managing PFAS in Wastewater and Biosolids
Allegra da Silva, Speaker

Everyday Acts of Exclusion
Andrea Hall, Speaker

Rapid Volume Expansion Research and Development of Design Methodologies for Mitigation in Full-Scale Digesters
Steve Krugel, Speaker

Get the Funk Out…of Your Sludge! Case Studies and Practical Lessons Learned for Screening Debris and Grit from WWPT Sludges
Kenneth Schnaars, Jeffrey Ifft, Maxwell Armenta, Speakers

Considerations and Toolkit to Mitigate Wildfire Impacts on Drinking Water Quality and Operations
Laurie Sullivan, Speaker

Weighing the Future of Potable and Non-Potable Reuse in Colorado
Patricia Whitby, Christopher Jones, Speakers

Pilot Testing and Design Set to Pioneer Path for Biological Denitrification Process in Drinking Water Treatment
Nick Worley, Katie Hicks, Speakers

Could a Chiller be Used to Heat Your Plant and Help the Environment?
Peter Zemke, Speakers