April 6 – April 8, 2021

Join us for the 94th Annual AZ Water Conference and Exhibition on April 6–April 8, 2021.

On Demand Presentations

The Challenges and Opportunities of Starting Up New Digesters
Patrick Goodfellow, Speaker
On Demand

Pretreatment Program Enhancements: Digital Solutions
Joshua Balentine, Speaker
On Demand

A Community Framework for Future Reclaimed Water Management Strategies in Flagstaff
Catherine Vanyo, Speaker
On Demand

Case Study: Hyperion Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility
Robert McCandless, Erin Mackey, Andrew Lazenby
On Demand

Potable Reuse Across the Pond: Evaluating Water Recycling in the UK
Melanie Holmer, Speaker
On Demand

Taking Reliability of Electrical Equipment to the Next Level with Infrared Thermography
James Fordyce, Speaker
On Demand

Case Study: WWTP Expansion Remote Startup to COVID-19 Pandemic
Klint Fletcher, Speaker
On Demand

Major WWPT Expansion: Case for Owner Furnished Independent SCADA Programming
Jeremy Smith, Speaker