Brown and Caldwell (BC) will be among industry thought leaders collaborating with engineers, scientists, planners, and government officials at the New York Water Environment Association’s 93rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition. This year’s theme is Bringing Water to Life. BC is proud to sponsor and participate in this highly respected industry event.

Tuesday, February 9

Consent Decree-Driven Asset Management Approach for I/I Reduction
Eric Fontenot, Speaker
1:30 PM ET

Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s (HRSD’s) Integrated Planning Framework
Richard Stahr, Speaker
2:45 PM ET

Thursday, February 11

Methodology to Estimate Sewer CH4 That Represents Approximately 45% of the Average Wastewater Utility’s Scope-1 GHGs
John Willis, Speaker
2:45 PM ET

Tuesday, February 16

CSO/SSO/Wet Weather Integrated Planning/Ethics
Colin O’Brien, Moderator
11:00 AM ET

Seattle, WA, Integrated Wet Weather Plan
Michael Milne, Speaker
11:30 AM ET

Thursday, February 18

Under Pressure: Implications of PFAS Regulations on Stressed Biosolids Markets
Natalie Sierra, Speaker
12:45 PM ET

CECs 101: A Review of the Basics
John Ross, Speaker
1:30 PM ET