BOISE, Idaho — A much-anticipated Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) for Midas Gold’s proposed Stibnite Gold Project has been released by the United States Forest Service (USFS) for public comment.

Using modern mining techniques and a restoration focus, the Stibnite Gold Project is a plan to restore a historic mining district impacted by over 100 years of activity to mine gold and critical minerals considered vital to the nation’s security and economic prosperity. If permitted, the project would provide the United States with its only domestically mined source of antimony and bring over 500 local jobs and economic stimulus to rural Idaho.

The project would be located on 3,400 acres of patented private lands and National Forest Service lands in Valley County, Idaho, managed by the USFS. The EIS discloses the effects of approving the project and potential alternatives on the environment in keeping with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations and following USFS regulations for locatable minerals operations and surface management.

“The Draft EIS illustrates the remarkable opportunity we have to use responsible, modern mining as both a path to restore the ecosystem at the Stibnite site, and also provide the family-wage jobs, capital investment, and critical minerals our nation so clearly needs.”
Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. President & CEO Laurel Sayer

Brown and Caldwell, a full-service environmental engineering and construction firm, is serving as the first-party permitting program manager to support Midas Gold in the development of the EIS that provides objective information and transparency to the permitting process. The firm is providing project management support and technical expertise in addition to coordinating project communication and collaboration with Midas Gold, state and federal agencies, tribes, community members, and local stakeholder groups. Key focus areas of Brown and Caldwell’s scope of work are comprised of water resource studies and modeling to include site-wide water balance, groundwater and stream temperature modeling, water treatment, environmental monitoring and management plan development, engineering design, regulatory guidance, fisheries technical studies, NEPA compliance, and Endangered Species Act process support. In addition to overseeing wetlands, fisheries, and wildlife mitigation planning, the firm coordinated ancillary permitting efforts to address water discharges, cyanidation, groundwater point of compliance, financial assurance, and water rights support.

“Our team is extremely proud to support Midas Gold, the mining industry, and the Valley County community on this important environmental review process,” said Brown and Caldwell Mining and Waste Market Sector Director Todd Glindeman.

Following the 60-day public comment period for the Draft EIS, the USFS and cooperating agencies will respond to all comments and publish a Final EIS and a Draft Record of Decision (ROD). Upon publication of the Final EIS, there will be a public objection period and resolution by the USFS before the Final ROD is published.

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