August 10-13, 2020 | Virtual Conference

Brown and Caldwell (BC) will be among industry professionals leading the discussion at the UESI Pipelines 2020 Conference, the premier industry event for utility and pipeline owners, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, educators, researchers, and pipeline professionals. BC is proud to be a part of this valued event helping pipeline engineers and practitioners from all around the world to meet the challenges of today’s pipeline infrastructure.

Come meet BC staff leading the following sessions and live Q&As.


Acoustic-based Underground Utility Mapping at the Annacis Island WWTP
Mike Metcalf, Speaker

Lake Perris Modifications — Putting the Long-term Benefits Above Cost
Michael McReynolds, Speaker

The City of San José Demonstrates Flexibility and Resolution to Accomplish Yard Piping Repairs Safely and Quickly
Bernadette Visitacion-Sumida, Speaker

How Innovative and Adaptive Solutions were used to Solve Challenges Faced by Contra Costa Water District’s Canal Replacement Project
Pete Bellows, Speaker

Successfully Navigating the Challenges of Emergency Interceptor Repair under the Wall Street of Whiskey
David Hafner, Speaker

A Compelling Comparison of Field Measurements and Numerical Modeling in Pipeline Surge Pressure Evaluation
Brandon Billing, Speaker

Conference Technical Program Co-Chair:
Mark Poppe

Steve Hirai and Susanne Lockhart