How can we turn wastewater into something not only useful, but valuable?

Brown and Caldwell’s Sarah Reeves and Jose Jimenez lay down a vision of pilot testing, partnership, and advanced treatment on “Water Talk,” recorded at this year’s WEFTEC19.

On the podcast with host Todd Schnick and Water Online Chief Editor Kevin Westerling, Sarah and Jose discuss how new ways to treat and reuse wastewater, such as Brown and Caldwell’s Ntensify that combines hydrocyclones with aeration control, increases plant capacity while decreasing costs. As Sarah notes, all water, no matter whether it’s from groundwater, stormwater, or wastewater, is connected. It’s the way to a brighter future. “We’re all con-sumers now, but we need to move to be pro-sumers,” she says. “We’ve got to go there for the health of our world and water for everyone. Our future is to be pro-sumers making products vs. making waste.”

Listen to the podcast (11 minutes, 56 seconds) for more on how collaborative, client-focused solutions drive technical innovation further, faster.