How did space travel help give direct potable reuse water a boost? Easy: NASA. That’s what BC’s Regional One Water Leader Allegra da Silva says during this “Water Talk” podcast recorded live at AWWA ACE19.

In this short yet comprehensive discussion with hosts Todd Schnick and Water Online Chief Editor Kevin Westerling, Allegra discusses how water purification for space missions laid the groundwork for this growing treatment method and how BC is pushing the boundaries on both tech and policy by working with the U.S. EPA.

Plus, not only is demand growing for non-Reverse Osmosis alternatives, such as ozone biological filtration, but costs are coming down too.

After all, through NASA, “we know we can purify water and make it safe through engineering treatment, but we need to make sure those systems are working 100% of the time.”

Listen to the podcast (14 minutes, 44 seconds) for more on how BC is helping to solve water supply challenges through direct potable reuse.