Join us for this year’s Florida Water Resources Conference in Daytona Beach! This premier event features many BC experts in the water, wastewater, and stormwater fields, as well as smart utility management.
Monday, April 16
FRWA’s Asset Management Program
9:00 AM Tonya Simmons
Intensification of Treatment Using a Ballasted Activated Sludge Process
9:00 AM Jose Jimenez
Low Carbon and Energy Intensification Technologies – Where do we go?
2:00 PM Jose Jimenez
Intensification of BNR system using aeration control and selective wasting
2:00 PM Pusker Regmi
Tuesday, April 17
Blueprint for One Water: Guidance for an Integrated One Water Framework
8:30 AM Jim Murin
New GHG Methodology to Estimate/Quantify Sewer Methane
9:30 AM John Willis
Integrating Sustainability into Master Planning
10:00 AM Tracy Chouinard
Quantifying the GHG-Emission Reductions from DC Waters Digestion/Cambi/CHP Upgrades
4:00 PM John Willis
How a One-Water Approach Drives Real-World Solutions: The ECI WWTP Improvements
4:00 PM Gui DeReamer