Battelle’s Chlorinated Conference is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive meetings on the application of innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring and management of chlorinated and complex sites.

See how we are advancing innovation across the country. Download our presentations from Battelle’s 11th International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds by clicking on the titles in our lineup:

Monday, April 9

CSM Development for MGP Tar Migration and Related GW Impacts in Fractured Rock
Bob O’Neill
3:30 PM

In-Situ Remediation of TCE in Bedrock GW and Overburden Using Organic Carbon and Soluble Iron
Thakur Chaturgan
4:30 PM

Emerging Contaminants: What’s Next?
Radhika Patel
4:30 PM

Accelerated Reductive CatalysisTM (ARC)
Jeff Pintenich
4:30 PM

Tuesday, April 10

RPO of a Groundwater Extraction and Recharge System
Marek Ostrowski
8:50 AM

In-Situ Pilot-Scale Test Design and Implementation to Treat PCE/TCE in Groundwater Using Organic Carbon and Soluble Iron
Kevin White
8:50 AM

Wednesday, April 11

Full-Scale ISCO of PCE Using Surfactant-Facilitated Sodium Permanganate
Karnam Ramanand
3:30 PM

In-Situ Solidification in Glacial Till Stratigraphy
Eleanor Beckwith
4:30 PM

ISCO Eliminates NAPL and Site Disruptions to Expedite Site Closure
Kevin Dyson
4:30 PM

Targeted Characterization Expedites Integrated Design/Construction for DNAPL Response Actions
Marilyn Wade
4:30 PM