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The Significance of Metals in Stormwater Runoff: Total Versus Dissolved Concentrations-Fresno NURP Data
Predesign Evaluation of Biosolids Thickening Methods
Rerating the Central Valley TF/SC Facility
Implementation of a Liquid Waste Handling Program at the City of Lincoln, Nebraska
Meteorological Monitoring Requirements for Wastewater Treatment Plants--Uses, Siting, and Design
San Diego Water Reclamation Plan Update
Mathematical Simulation of Secondary Clarifiers Coupled With Activated Sludge Reactors
The Role of Quantitative Risk Assessment in Chemical Releases and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Food Processing Industry Acceptance of Biosolids and Effluent Reuse, an Issue for the 90's
Improving Final Clarifier Performance Through Simple Cost-Effective Modifications
Is 'Zero Discharge' Realistic?
Planning for Sludge Disposal in the Year 2010, The Sacramento Experience
Removal of Selenium from Petroleum Refinery Wastewaters
Optimizing Existing Treatment Systems
Reduction of Selenate from Agricultural Drainage Water Using Anaerobic Bacteria Grown on Algal Substrate
Keeping Cost from Creeping Controlling a Project's Budget and Schedule
Case History: OWASA Operation of the Nutrified Sludge Process at the Mason Farm WWTP, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Startup and Initial Operation of Egg-Shaped Anaerobic Digesters at Lincoln, Nebraska,
Design Of The Lower Kula Water Treatment Plant
Integrated Environmental Management of Refinery Waste Streams
Management of Submittals to Reduce Liability
Environmental Pollution Control Technologies That May Be Transferable to the Republic of China
Microextraction for Preparing Calibration Standards for Methylene Blue Active Substances (MBAS)
Use of Detailed Construction Cost Estimating During the Early Stages of Wastewater Facility Planning
Biotreatment of Contaminated Groundwater with High Organics and Salinity Contents
Relationship Between Activated Sludge Flocculation Characteristics and Cell-Surface Polysaccharide Concentration
An Innovative Design for Self-Cleaning Wet Wells for Constant Apeed Pumping Stations
Tracking Ever-Shrinking Emissions
Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Physical-Chemical Treatment of Secondary Effluent
Metro Seattle Renton Treatment Plant Sludge Thickening Update
Design-to-Cost with BACPAC
Kachina Village Wetlands-A Success Story in Zero Discharge
Full-Scale Performance of Nitrifying Trickling Filters
Removal of Selenium Using a Novel Algal-Bacterial Process
A Debate: Circular Clarifiers or Rectangular Clarifers - "Rectangular Clarifiers Should Be Considered" and Rebuttal to "Rectangular Clarifiers Should Be Considered" and "The Case for Circular Clarifiers" and Rebuttal to "The Case for Circular Clarifiers"
Floc Breakup in Activated Sludge Plants
Setting Standards in San Diego
Minimizing the Impact of Nitrification in the BOD5 Test
Petroleum Effluent Toxicity Reduction--From Pilot to Full-Scale Plant
Designing Treatment Systems to Accommodate Process Variability
Trenchless Techniques Improve Pipelines
Wastewater Treatment Process Theory and Practice: The Emerging Convergence
Interesting Discoveries with a Low-Tech Sludge Lagooning and Air Drying Operation
Closure of Hazardous Waste Sites Utilizing On-Site Encapsulation
Discussion of: Nitrification Performance of a Pilot Scale Trickling Filter
Rehabilitating Lakeland's Western Trunk Sewer
Iona Outfall Plume Characterization Study
Suggested Methods for Calculating and Interpreting Calcium Carbonate Saturation Indexes
Integrating Water Conservation into Total Water Management
Water-Use Efficiency Standards for Plumbing Fixtures: Benefits of National Legislation
Pipe Rehab: Old Notions Challenged
Brick Sewer Life Extended
Managing Solid Residues from a Treatment Process for Priority Metals
02 Limitations in CH4 and NH4 + Utilizing Biofilms
Evaluation of a Municipal Laboratory's Computer Needs
A Plant for All Seasons
Thermal Storage Enhances Heat Recovery
Maximizing a Wastewater Treatment Plant's Capacity
Evaluation of Discharges from a Hazardous Waste Facility to a POTW
Treatment Options for Water Supplies Contaminated with DBCP and other Pesticides
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part A, I/I Planning and Implementation Steps for Stege Sanitary District
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part B, A Public Information Program for the Rehabilitation of Privately Owned Sewers
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part C, Sewer Rehabilitation Effectiveness in Stege Sanitary District
Biofilm Innovations Crown U.S. Trickling Filter Revival
Separate Stage Denitrification--Key to Achieving a 3-3-2-0.6 AWT Effluent
Seven Years of Low-Cost Sludge Disposal at a 150-MGD Plant
Management Alternatives for Channel A, A Flood Bypass Canal
Portland's Groundwater Protection Plan and Design Handbook for Hazardous Materials Containment
Forensic Investigation of an Unsuccessful Cogeneration Plant
Innovative Pumping Station Design
Nitrification for the '90's
Scale-up Programs in Aerated Lagoon Process Design
Pilot Plant Comparison of Extended Aeration and PACT® for Toxicity Reduction in Refinery Wastewater
Conserving Water Through Residential Water Audit and Leak Detection Programs
Meeting Stringent Metals Removal Requirements With Iron Adsorption/Coprecipitation
Cyanide Control in Petroleum Refineries
Recovery and Recycling of Spent Acids in the Metals Processing Industry
Chevron Process Reduces FCC/Coker Corrosion and Saves Energy
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Conservation Programs
Remedial Alternatives for Removing DBCP and Other Pesticides From Groundwater
Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process Married to Lagoons--A Unique Process Combination at Everett, Washington
Integrated Wastewater System Investigation and Planning for Dallas Water Utilities
Strategies for Successful Erosion Control Projects
Evaporative Chilling and Thermal Storage
California Drought--Are We Ready for the Next One
New Trickling Filter Applications in the U.S. A
A Rapid "Purge-and-Transfer" Field Screening Technique for Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater
Using Operational Solubility Product Constants to Improve Water Softening Calculations
Flow-Through Bioassay Testing: Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant
Engineering a Pond Closure
Using a Stream's Full Resources: How to Develop a Flow-Variable Industrial Discharge Permit
Enhancing Reaction Rates in Nitrifying Trickling Filters Through Biofilm Control
The New Regulations--A Challenge for Small Systems
State-of-the-Art Denitrification Process Protecting the Florida Environment
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Results From Stege Sanitary District
U.S. Pipeline Infrastructure and Trenchless Methods
The Energy Amenity: Heat Pumps Serve District Heating in Treatment Plant Energy Programs:
Analysis of Water Conservation Measures for Public Supply
Three Industries Vie to Heat Springfield, Oregon
Water Quality Thresholds for Lake Tahoe