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Brown and Caldwell engineers and scientists are technical and thought leaders in the environmental sector. Meet the people who have been advancing innovation for more than 70 years.
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Predicting Future Groundwater Levels with Confidence
Spray Irrigation of Cannery Waste Proves Both Economical and Environmentally Sound
$225,000 Per Year and Growing
Innovative Design for Chloramine Removal for Pharmaceutical Company Water Supply
Activated Sludge Secondary Clarifier Operations and Design Considerations
A Low-Cost Alternative to a Marine Discharge: Elk River Treatment Plant in Eureka, California
Defeating the Enemy from Within--Recycle Streams from Solids Processing
Establishing an Effective Program for Sewer Rehabilitation
Environmental Aspects of the Stanford University Environmental Safety Facility
Sludge Disposal by High-Rate Land Application at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Defensive Water Quality Modeling: Industry's Role in NPDES Permitting
Sulfide Control in Omaha and Cedar Rapids
Finally, Some Hard Data on Water Conservation
A Rehabilitation Case Study: Evaluating the Water Distribution System at the Long Beach Naval Complex
Case Histories in Utility Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Condensing Heat Recovery for Boilers
The Influence of Particulate Control and Water Management on SO2 Removal and Waste Generation
Particulate Control Integration with Wet Scrubber SO2 Removal and Waste Generation
The Influence of Closed Loop Management on FGD Performance
Treatment of Pesticide Manufacturing Wastewater and Low Level of Pesticides in Water
How to Select the Proper Microcomputer and Programs for Your Wastewater System
Sewer System Rehabilitation Case Histories
Particulate Control Interaction With Wet Scrubber SO2 Removal and Waste Generation
Current Solid Waste Management Costs in California: Case Studies of Four Communities Utilizing Landfill Disposal
Removal of Contaminants in Urban Runoff by Groundwater Recharge Basins
Developing Nutrient Control Requirements in Las Vegas, Nevada
Nuisance Odor Assessment and Odor Control at Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Current Solids Disposal Procedures at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Sulfide Control in Omaha Interceptors
Contra Costa County Water Quality Study
Boron Control in Power Plant Reclaimed Water for Potable Reuse
Deep Bed Condensate Polishing System Operating Problems--A Case Study
Alternative Approaches to Compliance With Underground Storage Tank Regulations
Sludge Management Facility Plan for the Ocean County Utilities Authority
Dried Sludge for Fertilizer
Use of Return Activated Sludge Chlorination to Control Sludge Bulking
Deep-Ocean Disposal of Sewage Sludge Off Orange County, California: A Research Plan
Privatization: A Case Study
Trace Element Removal From Power Plant Waste Streams by Adsorption/Coprecipitation With Amorphous Iron Hydroxide
Causes and Cures of Scum and Foam Formation in Treatment Plants
Casino Cogeneration--Money, Energy, and Reliability
Heavy Metals Soil Contamination Cleanup--A Case History
Determining Financial Feasibility for a Reclaimed Water Enterprise
Overview of Basic Water Pollution Issues
Trace Element Removal by Adsorption/Coprecipitation On Amorphous Iron Oxyhydroxide
Studying Water System Operation by Computer
A New Look at Liquid, Solid Separation Predesign and Design for the Renton Treatment Plant
Use of a Computer Model for Groundwater Management, Eastern San Joaquin County, California
Professional Liability Issues from a Consultant's Point of View
Design and Construction Details for the Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant
Techniques for Successful Management of Complex Projects
Successful Repair of the 102-Inch Diameter Allens Avenue Interceptor in Providence, Rhode Island
Use of Flocculation Concepts to Improve Secondary Clarified Performance
San Ramon Valley Reclamation Project
Cooling Storage in Retrofit Design
An Overview of Resource Recovery in Petroleum Refineries
Relationship Between Bench Scale and Prototype Activated Sludge System
Design and Operation Industrial Waste Treatment Pilot Plants
The Effect of Oxidizable Sulfur Compound on Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems in the Petroleum Refining Industry
Eureka, California, Wastewater Treatment Plant--Congeneration System
Demonstration Plant to Yield New Data on Full-scale GAC Treatment
A Discussion of Groundwater Contamination and Petroleum Refineries
Resource Recovery and Waste-to-Energy Systems
Legal Liability of Proprietors of Reclaimed Water System Under Existing Civil Law
Documenting Benefits of Urban Water Conservation Practices
Preliminary Assessment of the Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds in a Biological Selector Process
Results-Oriented Sewer Flow Reduction Program at Alameda, California
Energy Savings for the Plant Operator
Water Conservation--Do We Need It?
Odor Control Features Make Lagoons an Acceptable Sludge Process
Are You Ready for an EPA Audit?
Cleanup and Containment of PCBs--a Success Story
New Theories for Imposing Legal Liability on Generators of Hazardous Wastes
Designing for Trickling Filer/Solids Contact Process Applications
High-Quality Trickling Filter Effluent Without Tertiary Treatment
Planning Waste-to-Energy Plants in Puerto Rico
The Use of Appropriate Technologies for Biomass Waste Conversion in Small Communities
The Effect of Peak-Load Pricing on Water Consumption and Revenues
Algae Harvesting with a Fine-Weave Belt Filter
Economically Innovative Composting for the Central Valley Project, Salt Lake City
Probabilistic Based Discharge Standards
Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Solvent Refined Coal-II Wastewater Via Ultraviolet Light Irradiation
Energy Recovery From Waste and Biomass--Site-Specific Economic Studies
How to Build Treatment Plants With Your Own Money
An Overview of Financing Innovations for Energy Conservation Projects
More Efficient Water Use in New Homes and an Aggressive Retrofit Program Reduces Water Demand and Wastewater Flow
Disposal and Removal of Polychorinated Biphenyls in Soil
Regional Coupled Trickling Filter-Activated Sludge Plant for Central Valley
Controlling the Deterioration of Abestos Cement Cooling Tower Fill
Innovative Technology for Salt Lake County, Utah
Relation of Inflow/Infiltration Costs to Varying Policy Requirements
Management Plan for Naval Engineering Command
Self-Cleaning Wet Wells: Definition and Design
Responsible and Workable Regulations-Communicating with the Regulators
Reassessment of the Need for Advanced Wastewater Treatment in Las Vegas
Control of Combined Sewer Overflows at Sacramento
The Cleaning and Use of Digester Gas as a Vehicle Fuel
The Use of Selective Gas Chromatographic Detectors for Industrial Monitoring
Application of Ozone to Eliminate Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater Used for Industrial Cooling
Public Decision Making in Water Conservation