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Field Application of the Clarifier Research Technical Committee's Protocol for Evaluating Secondary Clarifier Performance: Rectangular, Co-Current Sludge Removal Clarifier
Metals in Refinery Wastewaters: Where Do They Come From, How Do I Get Them Out, And Why Should I Care?
Making a TF/SC Process Work
Alternative Evaluation Methods as Applied to the Everglades Protection Project
Development of SWMM Graphical Interface for Portland CSO Models
Lessons Learned from Wellhead Treatment DBCP Treatment in California
Integrating Water Conservation Into Water Planning
Control of Odor Emissions At The Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant
Liquid Chemical Disinfection: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Toxic Gases
Storage Tanks and Sewerage Upgrading
Sewerage Rehabilitation Philosophy
Sewer Renovation - Established and Developing Techniques
United Kingdom Water Distribution Strategy
Television and Scanning Sonar in Seattle Metro's Siphons and Brick Sewers
The Safety Implications of Inspecting Large-Diameter Sewers
New Dimensions in Infiltration/Inflow Analysis
Treatment Plant Design Optimization: How Big is Big Enough
Atlanta's Phosphorus Removal Program Interim Biological - Chemical Removal of Phosphorus
It's True! Environmental Regulations That Can Improve Your Bottom Line
New Developments in Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology for Water Reclamation
Converting a Surface Water Supply From Agricultural to Municipal Use
Evaluating Activated Sludge Secondary Clarifier Performance: A Protocol
High Rate Nitrifying Trickling Filters
Driving a CNG-Powered Sedan in California
Efluente de Alta Calidad Obtenido con Filtros Percoladores de Baja Tecnologia
Removal of Selenium from Petroleum Refinery Wastewaters
Reduction of Selenate from Agricultural Drainage Water Using Anaerobic Bacteria Grown on Algal Substrate
Case History: OWASA Operation of the Nutrified Sludge Process at the Mason Farm WWTP, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Startup and Initial Operation of Egg-Shaped Anaerobic Digesters at Lincoln, Nebraska,
Design Of The Lower Kula Water Treatment Plant
Integrated Environmental Management of Refinery Waste Streams
Management of Submittals to Reduce Liability
Environmental Pollution Control Technologies That May Be Transferable to the Republic of China
Use of Detailed Construction Cost Estimating During the Early Stages of Wastewater Facility Planning
An Innovative Design for Self-Cleaning Wet Wells for Constant Apeed Pumping Stations
Kachina Village Wetlands-A Success Story in Zero Discharge
Full-Scale Performance of Nitrifying Trickling Filters
Minimizing the Impact of Nitrification in the BOD5 Test
Designing Treatment Systems to Accommodate Process Variability
Interesting Discoveries with a Low-Tech Sludge Lagooning and Air Drying Operation
Closure of Hazardous Waste Sites Utilizing On-Site Encapsulation
Iona Outfall Plume Characterization Study
Managing Solid Residues from a Treatment Process for Priority Metals
02 Limitations in CH4 and NH4 + Utilizing Biofilms
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part A, I/I Planning and Implementation Steps for Stege Sanitary District
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part B, A Public Information Program for the Rehabilitation of Privately Owned Sewers
Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part C, Sewer Rehabilitation Effectiveness in Stege Sanitary District
Separate Stage Denitrification--Key to Achieving a 3-3-2-0.6 AWT Effluent
Seven Years of Low-Cost Sludge Disposal at a 150-MGD Plant
Portland's Groundwater Protection Plan and Design Handbook for Hazardous Materials Containment
Forensic Investigation of an Unsuccessful Cogeneration Plant
Scale-up Programs in Aerated Lagoon Process Design
Conserving Water Through Residential Water Audit and Leak Detection Programs
Meeting Stringent Metals Removal Requirements With Iron Adsorption/Coprecipitation
Recovery and Recycling of Spent Acids in the Metals Processing Industry
Chevron Process Reduces FCC/Coker Corrosion and Saves Energy
Remedial Alternatives for Removing DBCP and Other Pesticides From Groundwater
Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process Married to Lagoons--A Unique Process Combination at Everett, Washington
Integrated Wastewater System Investigation and Planning for Dallas Water Utilities
Strategies for Successful Erosion Control Projects
California Drought--Are We Ready for the Next One
New Trickling Filter Applications in the U.S. A
Using Operational Solubility Product Constants to Improve Water Softening Calculations
Flow-Through Bioassay Testing: Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant
Engineering a Pond Closure
Using a Stream's Full Resources: How to Develop a Flow-Variable Industrial Discharge Permit
State-of-the-Art Denitrification Process Protecting the Florida Environment
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Results From Stege Sanitary District
The Energy Amenity: Heat Pumps Serve District Heating in Treatment Plant Energy Programs:
Analysis of Water Conservation Measures for Public Supply
Three Industries Vie to Heat Springfield, Oregon
Water Quality Thresholds for Lake Tahoe
Trenchless Techniques for Pipeline Installation, Renovation and Replacement
Removal of Trace Elements From Power Plant Waste Streams by Iron Adsorption Coprecipitation
Repair Lining of Large Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe
A Feasibility Test of an Anaerobic Trickling Filter
Environmental Assessments for Property Transactions
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Kaiser Permanente Harbor City Stratified Cooling Thermal Storage System
Integrated Design of Particulate/FGD/Waste Management Systems
Integrated Geophysical Site Investigation Techniques
Bartolo Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Study
Pesticides Wastewater Management
Seattle Sewerage Rehabilitation Study
Compaction and Granulation of Dried Sludge at Ocean County, New Jersey
This Dog Wags Its Own Tail: Uncoupling the Optimization of Treatment Processes and Energy Utilization
Three Recent California and Nevada Supreme Court Decisions About Water Rates
The Evolution of a Complex Reclaimed Water Enterprise
Calcium Control During Lime Treatment of Municipal Wastewater
Wastewater Technology Innovation for the Year 2000
Treatment Plant Expansion With Energy Conservation (Renton, WA)
Plant Expansion With Energy Conservation (Medford, OR)
A Tailor-Made System for Sludge Treatment in Dallas
Enhancement of Primary Treatment With Preaeration and Chemicals
Wastewater Management in Semiconducting Electronic Crystal Manufacturing Facilities
Making Dried Sludge Marketable
Influence of Particulate Control on Waste Management: Integrated Environmental Control Pilot Plant Results
The TF/SC Process at Eight Years Old: Past, Present and Future
The Relation Between Particulate Control and Scrubber Performance Under Open and Closed Loop Water Management
Disinfection Procedures to Maximize Giardia Inactivation