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Sludge Pyrolysis: How Big a Future?
The Relationship Between Organic Loading, Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations and Sludge Settleability in the Completely-Mixed Activated Sludge Process
Dedicated Land Disposal of Lagooned Sludge
Alternative and Innovative Wastewater Management Technologies and Filtration in Wastewater Treatment
Inflow Reduction as the Cornerstone for CSO Abatement Portland Oregon
Upgrading Biological Filter Effluents Using the TF/SC Process
Secondary Treatment Alternatives: Suspended Growth
Cost-Effectiveness of On-Site and Community Sewerage Alternatives
Initial Dilution with Deepwater Diffusers
Water Softening and Conditioning Problems Solution by Chemical Equilibrium Methods
Pragmatic Approaches to Regulation and Control
Chemical Sewer Grouting for Infiltration Reduction
The Use of a Novel Gas Chromatographic Detection System for the Analysis of Trace Halo-Organics
Energy From Solid Waste for Wastewater Treatment
Pyrolysis Gas from Solid Waste Will Provide Total Power Demand for a Major Wastewater Reclamation Plant
The Formation of Volatile Halogenated Organic Compounds in Wastewater Chlorination
Classification of Models of Tidal Waters
Peak Sludge Loads at a Municipal Treatment Plant
Marginal Costs Pricing
Connection Charges: One Way to Finance System Expansion
What's Up With Oxygen?
Algae Harvesting for Protein Production from Wastewater
Filamentous Slime Growth Downstream of a Municipal Waste Discharge
Tucson Biofilter Pilot Plant Study
Review of Models of Tidal Waters
Design Recommendations for Automatic Dissolved Oxygen Control
Incineration-Pyrolysis of Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge
Injection/Extraction Well System--A Unique Seawater Intrusion Barrier
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Alternatives for Small Wastewater Treatment Systems
Corrosion Problems in Air Pollution Control Equipment
Overland Flow of Oxidation Pond Effluent at Davis, California
Temperature Effects on BOD Stoichiometry and Oxygen Uptake Rate
Incineration of Industrial Wastes
Biological Odor Removal Towers
Oxygen and Air Activated Sludge: Another View
Full-scale Testing of Energy Production from Solid Waste
PL 92-500 vs. Local Priorities: Seattle's experience may show how to reconcile conflicts between local and federal needs
The Operator Joins the Design Team
Case Histories of Automatic Control of Dissolved Oxygen
Navy Water Plant Features Dual Media Filtration
Using Instrumentation to Increase Efficiency of Plant Pollution Control System-Its Use in the Efficient Management of Digester Gas
Rate Making Practices of State Regulatory Commissions
Aeration Innovations
Combined Processing of Wastewater and Solid Waste
Unified Theory of Filamentous Activated Sludge
Systemized Approach to Infiltration/Inflow Analysis
Treatment Plant Automation
The Water Industry in the Decade of Environmental Concern
Treatment of Combined Sewage and Fruit Canning Wastes, San Jose, California
Equitable Rates--No Problem
Financial Aspects of Water Main Extension
Rate Design and Cost of Service
Hydraulic Control Utilizing Submerged Effluent Collectors
Long-Term Performance of a Coupled Trickling Filter-Activated Sludge Plant
Kinetics of Microbiological Aerobic Decomposition of Methylmercury
Pipeline Network Analysis by Electronic Digital Computer
Wastewater Solids Storage Basins-A Useful Buffer Between Solids Stabilization and Final Disposal
Unit Process Performance Modeling and Economics for Cannery Waste Treatment
Water Quality Management and the Time Profile of Benefits and Costs
Planning to Meet 1983 Water Quality Goals in Seattle
A Discussion of "Air or Oxygen Activated Sludge"
Wastewater Irrigation--The Price is Right
Sludge Disposal
The State Water Plan and Salinity Control in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California
Sewage Oxidation Ponds-Performance, Operation and Design
Planning for Water Reclamation and Industrial Reuse in San Francisco Bay Area
Discussion of "Nitrification Design Approach for High Strength Ammonia Wastewater"
Ocean Outfall Studies at San Diego
Card Record Systems for Preventive Mantenance
Design of Solids Disposal Systems for a Large Waste Treatment Plant
Marine or Estuarine Wastewater Disposal
Computer Controlled Wastewater Reclamation Plant
Design of Integrated Approach to Nutrient Removal
Nutrient Control in North San Francisco Bay
Upgrading a Complex Mix Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant
An Integrated High Rate Pond-Algae Harvesting System
How to Finance and Engineer a Water Quality Control Program with Federal Assistance
High Rate Ponds for Algae Harvesting from Wastewater
Tidal Exchange at Golden Gate
Evaluation Protocol: Non-Potable Options for Meeting Urban Water Needs
Effect of Turbulence on Activated Sludge Effluent Clarity
Techniques for Formalization of Maintenance Procedures
Development and Implementation of Biological Denitrification for Two Large Plants
Automation Comes to L.A
Physical Conditioning of Activated Sludge Floc
Floc Breakup in Turbulent Flocculation Processes
Lime Recovery and Reuse in Primary Treatment
Characteristics and Treatment Alternatives for Refinery Wastewater
Solids Disposal Systems for Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre
Special Considerations In Design of Water Rates
Improving Pond Effluent by Algae Removal
Upgrading Lagoon Effluent for Best Practicable Treatment
River Basin Planning for Water Pollution Control
Marine Waste Disposal, A Comprehensive Environmental Approach to Planning
Carbon Oxidation-Nitrification In Synthetic Media Trickling Filters
Processing of Combined Physical-Chemical-Biological Sludge
Aesthetics in the Design of Water Facilities
Full-Scale Testing of a Water Reclamation System
Nitrification and Denitrification Facilities
Performance of Alternative Algae Removal Systems