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Energy Utilities Cost Control: Findings from Previous Studies at Operating Treatment Plants
Developing Data for Residential Water Savings
Central Valley Project: 1981 Design Report
Methane Production from Landfills
Solids-Contact Clarification Brings out Best of Trickling Filters
Water Pricing and Conservation
Alternative Wastewater Management in Perth
Googong Water Treatment Plant and Pump Station
Economic Analysis of Water System Expansion
Equalization-Neutralization Basin Design
Operation of a Downdraft Gasifier Fueled with Source-Separated Solid Waste
Methodology for Successful Selection of a Transfer Station Site
The Effects of Permanganate Pretreatment on Trihalomethane Formation in Drinking Water
Evaluating Differential Water Rates Outside City Boundaries
Landfill Gas: An Untapped Resource
Thermal Gasification of Densified Sewage Sludge and Solid Waste
Mixing in the Surf Zone
Three Methods to Measure Ocean Currents
Fixed Growth Reactor Studies at Seattle
Production of High Quality Trickling Filter Effluent Without Tertiary Treatment
Total Containment of Solids at the 5.96 m3/s (136mgd) Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Simulation of Wastewater Treatment for Wet-Weather Conditions in a Large Municipal Facility
Las Vegas Bets on a Sure Winner
Upgrading Operations at a Municipal/Industrial Activated Plant
Computer Control of a Large Wastewater Plant
Relation of Inflow/Infiltration Costs to Varying Policy Requirements
Development of Methane Gas from Refuse Landfills
Performance Characteristics of a Vertical Hammermill Shredder
Mathematical Modeling of Humic Substances Removal with Activated Carbon Beds
Effect of GAC Pore Size Distribution and Alum Pretreatment on the Adsorption of Humic Substances
Evaluation of Liner Materials for PCB Wastes
Wastewater Reclamation for Industrial and Agricultural Uses
Cogeneration Used in a Modern Wastewater Treatment Facility
Performance of Activated Sludge Processes and Reliability-Based Design
5-MW Refuse to Electricity Facility in the City of Santa Monica
Efficiencies of Advanced Waste Treatment Obtained with Upgraded Trickling Filters
Operational Fine-Tuning for Energy Conservation in Wastewater Plants
Solubility of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Capacitor Fluid in Water
Adsorption of Water-Soluble Polychlorinated Biphenyl Aroclor 1242 and Used Capacitor Fluid by Soil Materials and Coal Chars
Industrial Waste Survey in a Metropolitan Area
Private Public Cooperation of Effective Energy Conservation
Testing and Evaluation of Air Classifier Performance
Bioremediation of Coal Tar Contaminated Soil in a Slurry Bioreactor
Toxchem - A Predictive Fate Model For The Real World
Fugitive Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds From Fixed Film Wastewater Treatment Process
Evaluation of Ozone Treatment in Cooling Towers
Planning Sludge Management for Maximum Beneficial Use
Energy Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge
Effect of Water Conservation on Water Demands
Municipal Wastewater Salinity Control
Designing Self-Cleaning Wet Wells For Wastewater Pumping
Sludge Lagoon Design
Reclaimed Water Distribution System Planning--Walnut Valley, California
Algae Production and Harvesting from Animal Wastewaters
Upgrading Wastewater Stabilization Ponds, Construction Procedures and Review of Plans and Grant Applications
Sunnyvale Upgrades Lagoon Effluent
Design Exceeds Great Expectations
Land and Water Management in the San Francisco Bay Area
The Development of a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Strategy for a Manufacturer of Halogenated Organic Chemicals
Three California Water Reclamation Case Histories
Stripping and Volatilization in Wastewater Facilities
Modeling Volatile Organic Contaminants' Fate in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Modeling the Fate of Metals in Municipal Water Pollution Control Plants
Monitoring and Modeling VOCs in Wastewater Facilities
Computerized Methods for Monitoring Nearshore Transport of Coastal Wastewater and Sediment Discharges
Significance of Diurnal Variations in Fecal Coliform Die-off Rates in the Design of Ocean Outfalls
Relative Influence of Initial Momentum and Buoyancy on the Performance of Deepwater Ocean Outfalls
What Design Engineers Owe the Operator
An Innovative Cost Effective Design For Self-Cleaning Wet Wells for Constant Speed Pumping Stations
Full-Scale Test Plant at Contra Costa Turns Out Valuable Data on Advanced Treatment
Modeling the Fate of Chlorinated Phenols in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Energy Management in Wastewater Treatment Plants, Part I
Energy Management in Wastewater Treatment Plants, Part II
Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Municipal Sludges: A One-year, Full-scale Demonstration Project
Control of VOC Emissions from Sewers: A Multi-Parameter Assessment
Aromatic VOC Emissions from a Municipal Sewer Interceptor
Ocean Outfall Construction Costs
Lagrangian Box Models of Waste Transport in Tidal Waters
Minimizing Industrial Costs of Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Development and Application of a Water Resource Allocation Model
A Regional Groundwater Resource Management Model
Analysis of Multiple Station Urban Air Sampling Data
Methods to Reduce Concentrations of Trace Metals in Refinery Wastewater
Separate Stage Nitrifying Trickling Filters in Cold Climates
Troubleshooting Activated Sludge Secondary Clarifier Performance With Simple Diagnostic Tests
Should a Municipality Buy Land for Biosolids Reuse?
Rx for Rangelands
Reclaimed Water Distribution--San Diego's Market, Facilities and Financing
Salinity and Water Reuse in San Diego
Operator Input to Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Computer + Operator = Total Control
The Removal of Toxic Contaminants From Bleached Kraft Mill Wastewater with Enchanced Activated Sludge Treatment
Alternative Fuels for Multiple-Hearth Furnaces
An Analysis Program for Planar Orthogonal Frame with Diagonal Bracings and Elastic Supports--by Energy Methods
An Analysis Program for Beam Slab on Elastic Foundation
An Analysis Program for Circular Cylindrical Tank
Water Utility Revenues in a Post-Proposition 13 Environment
Design of an Overland Flow System at Newman, California
The Impact of the Drought on Wastewater Treatment Plants and Their Operation
Characterization of Particles in Digested Sewage Sludge