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Integrating Major Components of a New Landfill Gas System – Coordination of Multiple Contracts for Gas Treatment, Pipeline Transmission and Turbine Energy Generation
Author: Ralph B. “Rusty” Schroedel, Jr., Michael J. Martin, Cary J. Solberg, and William Krill
Date: 10/13
Preprint, WEFTEC 2013, Chicago, IL, Oct. 5-9, 2013

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is one of the leading wastewater agencies addressing sustainability. One opportunity for renewable energy production which MMSD has undertaken is a project to utilize landfill gas from a private landfill to the 100 mgd (average flow) Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility (JIWRF) in order to produce electricity and heat. In order to help the MMSD coordinate and manage startup of the project, Brown and Caldwell was retained to provide assistance in several areas. This paper will describe the landfill gas system; discuss the Coordination and Management Services effort; and how the challenges of coordination with multiple engineers, owners, contractors, and operators were addressed.