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WERF INFR4R12-Sewer Lateral Electro Scan Field Verification Pilot
Author: Andy Lukas, Jerome Flogel, Julie McMullin, Andrew Plier, Gary Skipper
Date: 10/13
Preprint, WEFTEC 2013, Chicago, IL, Oct. 5-9, 2013

WERF selected a proposed research project to field test an emerging technology, called Electro Scan, which finds defects in laterals that potentially allow the infiltration of groundwater into the pipe. Electro Scan testing involves passing an electrical probe through a pipe filled with water. A defect is recorded when electricity, emitted by the probe, can pass through the pipe wall into the surrounding soil to complete an electrical circuit with a ground rod. The significance of the electrical signal suggests the significance of the infiltration defect. Over 100 laterals were tested in the City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, with funding by WERF and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). These tests were compared to additional lateral tests, including internal television inspection, simulated rainfall infiltration rates, and water exfiltration rates. The paper provides a condensed version of the results. The complete testing results are available from the full WERF report.

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