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Combining Bioaugmentation and Wet Weather Treatment Minimizes Capital Costs
Author: Don Esping, Denny Parker, Jose Jimenez, Robert Kennedy, and Dave Elias
Date: 10/13
Preprint, WEFTEC 2013, Chicago, IL, Oct. 5-9, 2013

The high costs of expanding and upgrading treatment wastewater treatment plants for nitrification or biological nutrient removal has spurred many investigators to evaluate bioaugmentation as a means to reduce costs and space requirements for nitrification. This paper illustrates how the Bioaugmentation Reaeration or BAR process was utilized at three site constrained nutrient removal plants to provide the most cost effective solution for maintaining nitrification/nutrient removal under combined cold weather and peak wet weather flow conditions At Appleton ,WI combining BAR with sludge storage/reaeration in the form of an enlarged BAR basin provided an innovative approach to meet the plants nitrification and peak flow capacity requirements on a severely constrained site. Implementation of BAR at the Iowa City South plant provided a means to meet the plant future capacity needs and reduce project capital costs by 20 percent. Incorporating BAR into an EBPR plant flow scheme reduced capital costs by roughly 40 percent compared to conventional primary/secondary treatment and allowed the plant to meet its desired plant capacity.