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Using Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling to Assess Wet-Weather Performance and Sanitary Sewer System Capacity for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities
Author: David Czerr, Jerry Edwards, John (Jay) Fulmer, Dave Harrington and Bhavana Sinha
Date: 10/12
WEFTEC 2012, New Orleans, LA, Sept. 29 – Oct. 3, 2012

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department (CMUD) developed a system-wide hydrologic and hydraulic model to support its Capacity Assurance Program (CAP) and system planning activities. This model was developed as a tool to assess sanitary sewer system performance and capacity as well as to provide CMUD with a base model for future planning tasks. This paper presents a review of the overall project, including model development, system performance and capacity analyses, and lessons learned. Some key features and benefits of this project were: • Calibrated model, using collaboratively developed standards and protocols. This provided a well documented base model for future planning activities model that was built following CMUD’s preferences. • Performance maps which graphically correlate system performance to risk of failure. This provided critical information for identifying and prioritizing system improvements. • Baseline available capacity data set which provides the basis for CMUD’s capacity management system.