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Development of a Land Application Program for Class B Biosolids at the North Davis Sewer District
Author: William Fasth, CPSS; Kevin Cowan, North Davis Sewer District; Phillip Heck, Andrew Fugal
Date: 4/912
Preprint, Residuals and Biosolids 2012, March 25-28, 2012, Raleigh, NC

A study evaluated the potential for developing a land application program for Class B biosolids produced by the North Davis Sewer District in Syracuse, Utah. Maintaining the biosolids in Class B form was desirable because the previous program for creating Class A biosolids at the treatment plant was creating nuisance odors for nearby neighbors. Results of the study were positive, and two sites were selected for implementing a land application program in 2011. Operating expenses for the first site are minimal because the landowner can both haul and spread the solids at no cost to the District. The second site is a backup to the first because of the hauling expenses associated with it. A database tracking system was developed so that information important to the program oversight can be organized and utilized. Since the modified biosolids handling practices were implemented at the treatment plant in 2011, neighbors near the plant have made no odor complaints.