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Hydraulic Analysis¸ Inspection¸ and Condition Assessment of the City of San Diego PS65 FM
Author: Gary N. Skipper, P.E.1, and Monika Smoczynski, P.E.2; 1 Brown and Caldwell, San Diego, CA; 2 Public Utilities Department, City of San Diego, CA
Date: 4/912
Preprint, North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) No-Dig Show 2012, March 11-15, 2012, Nashville, TN

Pump station capacity upgrades are required at Pump Station No. 65 (PS65) to adequately handle typical dry-weather flows and peak wet weather flows. One component of the upgrades to increase pumping capacity is the provision of a standby pump with sufficient flow capacity to assure reliable operation under peak flow conditions. The hydraulic capacity and physical and operating condition of the PS65 force main (FM) are critical considerations for proceeding with needed pump station capacity upgrade improvements. The purpose of this project was to determine the integrity of the FM and analyze its hydraulic characteristics. This paper describes the work efforts and results associated with the pressure gauging; hydraulic analysis; external and internal inspection; and structural condition assessment of the PS65 FM.

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