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Gas Turbines: A Good Fit for WWTP Heat and Power Systems?
Author: William Krill and Jim Schettler
Date: 6/311
Preprint, WEF/AWWA Joint Residuals and Biosolids Management Conference 2011 May 22-25, 2011, Sacramento, CA

Traditionally, wastewater treatment plants have utilized digester gas fired boilers or internal combustion engines for on site utilization of digester gas. These technologies have long successful track records and are familiar to the wastewater community. Recent advances in combustion gas turbine technology have made gas turbines more attractive for use at WWTP combined heat and power facilities. Compared to alternative technologies, three areas for which gas turbines excel are: • Low operations and maintenance costs • Opportunities to recover high temperature heat or steam while generating electricity • Ultra low air emissions The ability to generate high temperature, high quality process heat as clean exhaust gas, as process steam or as hot water makes combustion gas turbines prime candidates for pairing them with various biosolids processing systems such as anaerobic digestion, thermal hydrolysis, and solids drying systems

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