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Source Water Protection Initiated by a Proactive Small Groundwater System
Author: Michelle Wind, Dave Stanford (Westwood Lakes Water District)
Date: 6/100
AWWA 2000 Conference

The Westwood Lakes Water District (District), a small groundwater system in the developing foothills region above the Colorado Front Range, identified a need to proactively maintain and protect the quality of its water supply. As a result, the system initiated the development of a source water protection plan. The plan also integrates the elements of the Colorado Source Water Assessment and Protection Program (SWAP). The system serves less than 400 people with three, high quality groundwater wells. However, the District’s wells tap into a shallow aquifer that is potentially susceptible to contamination. Much of Teller County, in the Front Range mountains and including the areas surrounding the District, are underlain with fractured Pikes Peak Granite that can provide a direct conduit for contaminants to reach the groundwater supply. In addition, the proximity of the area to the mountains and the Front Range urban corridor has prompted an extremely high growth rate and similar development pressures.

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