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Wastewater Systems - Security and CMOM
Author: John W. McLaughlin, Robert D. Stout Jr.

Two of the most important issues soon to be facing wastewater systems are the impending Capacity, Management Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) regulations and the possibility of requirements for Vulnerability Assessments (VA’s), Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s) and Security, in general. This paper will look at the following points individually, and then look at where each point connects with the others: Regulatory Update – we will discuss the current, but always changing state of legislation and, more importantly funding availability for both security at wastewater systems and CMOM. This will also provide hints about how to maximize both processes together. Wastewater Security – whether you believe that your wastewater system is a target or not, the pending federal legislation says that you might be, and that you need to prepare for that eventuality now. We will look at how to adapt the existing RAM-W process to determine existing risk, and develop low cost risk reduction strategies. This includes looking at how your critical mission might differ from a water system, possible measures of consequence, adapted fault tree concepts and specific collection system vulnerabilities. CMOM – this part of the paper will look at what CMOM really is, and isn’t. Many utilities believe they are already dealing with CMOM, but we will expose many areas that are part of a truly effective CMOM program, but that many times go unnoticed. Security and CMOM – there are very significant links between these two emerging areas of wastewater system operation. Implementing security and CMOM in a way that captures synergies will be explored.

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