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Impact of Dual-EquiibriumDesorption On Soil/Groundwater Remediation: A Decision-Support Model
Author: Wei Chen, Kalyan Lakshmanan, Amy Kan, Mason B. Tomson
Date: 6/203
Presented at Battelle's Seventh In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation Symposium (2003).

Desorption is one of the most critical processes affecting the effectiveness of soil and groundwater remediation. However, none of the currently adopted desorption models can accurately quantify desorption of low-hydrophobicity organic chemicals, which often misleads remediation design and decision-making. A recently developed dual-equilibrium desorption (DED) model that is based on readily available physical and chemical parameters was found to be much more accurate in quantifying sorption and desorption. A screening-level transport model, DED-Transport, was then developed to simulate the DED effect on behaviors of organic contaminant plumes during remediation. DED-Transport requires only simple parameters but is applicable to many remediation scenarios. DED-Transport can be used as a decision-support tool in site remediation to more precisely predict the time required for cleanup.

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