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Race Across the River
Author: William P. Gilman, A. Scott Emmons
Date: 6/205
AWWA 2002

Rockdale County, Georgia, had to get infrastructure in place in a real hurry. Responding to an increasing population base, soaring water prices and dwindling private groundwater supplies, Rockdale County undertook a $68 million capital improvements program to produce and distribute its own potable water. But the timeframe for critical water pipeline construction was a mere 11 months. The improvements included nearly 20 miles of large diameter water transmission mains and a raw-water intake. Five major river crossings occur in the program, one at the raw-water intake, another on the raw-water transmission main, and three on the finished-water transmission mains. Pipe diameters crossing the river are 36-inch and 42-inch. This is a comparison of the river crossing methods employed by each of three contractors in their efforts to race across the river in an expedient, economical, and environmentally friendly manner. Each contractor experienced difficult conditions, uncooperative weather, and heavy scrutiny by environmental authorities. And each contractor in a competitive spirit was convinced that his methods for controlling schedule, river infiltration, erosion and sediment release were the best for accomplishing the work.

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