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Not Your Average Wallpaper – Rehabilitation Of The Wood Street Interceptor
Author: Elsabeth Girma, Pete Bellows, Olujimi Yoloye
Date: 10/01
Presented at WEF 74th Annual Conference and Exposition, Atlanta, GA October 13-17, 2001

The Wood Street Interceptor project involved the rehabilitation of 3,000 feet of 105-inch diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipeline that was 50 years old and gradually deteriorating due to hydrogen sulfide corrosion. East Bay Municipal Utility District (District) has completed two rehabilitation projects in the Wood Street Interceptor using the Danby and Linabond processes to install corrosion resistant PVC liners. By installing corrosion resistant liners, the useful life of the pipeline has been extended by another 50 to 100 years. The Danby rehabilitation method involves installing PVC forms over the pipe interior surface and placing cementitous grout behind the forms in several lifts over several days.

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