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Addressing a Wide Range of DNAPL Occurrences at a Manufacturing Facility
Author: Robert D. Norris, Jeffrey L. Pintenich, Ronald A. Burt, Greg L. Christians

The use trichloroethene (TCE) over three decades at a manufacturing site has resulted in impacts from TCE and biodegradation daughter products across the site and at two off-site landfills. Remedial Investigations (RI) conducted in each area determined that TCE has been present in the aquifer as DNAPL near the former location of an onsite, in the dissolved phase at all three locations, and in soils in the vicinity of an on-site UST landfill. Each area represents different environmental concerns and requires different remedial approaches. Interim remedial actions consisting of traditional and innovative technologies have been completed and additional innovative technologies are being considered for remediation of the remaining impacted areas.

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