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Meteorological Monitoring Requirements for Wastewater Treatment Plants--Uses, Siting, and Design
Author: Gary W. Gruwell
Date: 9/292
Presented at WEF 65th Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 20-24,1992

Interest in determining air quality impacts due to emissions from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) has been increasing in recent years due to public and legislative pressures. This increased interest has led to WWTPs completing detailed air quality analysis of both odor and air toxic emissions, with the results being used to make decisions with major economic consequences. A key component of these air quality evaluations is atmospheric dispersion modeling. A major component of these air quality analysis is the meteorology used in the atmospheric dispersion modeling. As such, availability of accurate, site-specific meteorology provides WWTPs with the ability to accurately determine air quality impacts. This paper presents an overview of meteorological monitoring station uses, siting requirements, design criteria, and data management requirements for air quality permitting, chronic exposure to toxics, acute exposure to toxic gas emergency releases, and odors.

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