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San Diego Water Reclamation Plan Update
Author: John C. Kennedy, Harold Bailey
Date: 9/292
Presented at WEF 65th Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 20-24,1992

This paper discusses the past four years of effort toward developing a water reclamation and reuse plan for the San Diego Metropolitan Sewerage System. It describes the projects to be constructed over the next several decades and the approach to managing them. Goals of the wastewater program are to 1) increase sewerage system capacity to accommodate continued growth, 2) augment the region's restricted water supply through reuse of wastewater, and 3) upgrade treatment to meet water quality requirements. A primary objective of the reclamation plan is to provide an adequate and suitable supply of reclaimed water to meet a reuse goal of 70,000 acre-feet per year. Achieving this objective also relieves the existing downstream advance primary treatment plant and ocean outfall. Capital expenditure for the initial facilities incorporating tertiary treatment at upstream water reclamation plants and a backbone reclaimed water distribution system is in the range of $500-$600 million.

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