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Forensic Investigation of an Unsuccessful Cogeneration Plant
Author: Garr M. Jones, Joel A. Goss
Presented at the Internal Combustion Engine Symposium of the ASME Energy Sources Technology Conference and Exhibit (ETCE) Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 14-18, 1990

Investigation of a failed cogeneration system revealed the synergistic reactions of several subsystems resulted in damage to two internal combustion engines. Transient conditions within the heat reclamation system caused loss of cooling in the engines, with consequent damage to cylinder heads and turbochargers. The installation is described, along with defects found to be the root cause of the damage. The sequence of events and dynamic responses of system components leading to the damage is also described. Proposed remedies are offered, along with suggestions on how similar situations could be avoided on future projects.

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