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Spray Irrigation of Cannery Waste Proves Both Economical and Environmentally Sound
Author: Terry C. Gould, Harry Dennis, Al Peroutka
Date: 10/84
Presented at the 51st Annual Conference of Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association, Eugene, Oregon, October 1984

The seasonal industrial wastewater (SIW) treatment system is one of the major components of the Eugene/Springfield regional wastewater management program. This system is designed to collect, treat, an dispose of the food processing wastes generated by Agripac, Inc., in the most cost-effective and environmentally sound manner. Agripac produces an extremely high-strength waste for several months of the year, with biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids values exceeding 45,000 pounds per day (ppd) during the maximum week. For this reason, a separate treatment and disposal system relying on spray irrigation rather than processing at the regional treatment plant has been developed.