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Case Histories in Utility Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Author: Nicholas B. Cooper
Date: 5/286
Presented at the 59th Annual Conference of Arizona Water Pollution Control Association, Phoenix, Arizona, May 2, 1986

Until recently, the normal approach to upgrading water and sewer systems was to construct new pipelines parallel to existing mains. Damaged or leaking mains were abandoned with little thought given to renovation because replacement was generally more cost-effective. Federal and state grant funds provided additional incentives for construction of new utilities. Expanding tax bases yielded ample budgets for capital improvements. With sources of funding diminishing in recent years, and a dramatic increase in construction cost of new water and sewer mains, municipalities and utility service companies have turned to rehabilitation programs to extend the life of these systems. Rehabilitation of existing utilities offers potential savings in easement acquisition, pavement replacement, repair of adjacent utilities and traffic disruption. This paper presents case histories of innovative approaches to infrastructure rehabilitation for three critical facilities.

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