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The Influence of Particulate Control and Water Management on SO2 Removal and Waste Generation
Author: Patrick M. Maroney, Steven A. Davidson
Date: 2/386
Presented at the Third Symposium on Integrated Environmental Controls for Fossil-Fuel Power Plants, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 3-6, 1986

The Integrated Environmental Control (IEC) program in the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI's) Coal Combustion Systems Division was established to develop a systems design approach for flue gas emissions control, and techniques for management of wastewater, waste solids, and waste heat. The IEC program was established to address the increasing complexity of coal-fired power plant environmental controls due to continually evolving regulations for flue gas emissions, wastewater, waste solids, and waste heat. This increase in environmental control complexity has been a major factor in the escalation of capital costs and operating penalties of availability and heat rate.