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Nuisance Odor Assessment and Odor Control at Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Author: Perry L. Schafer, Claudia Zahorcak, Allen K. Wolfenden
Date: 5/185
Presented at the 1985 Annual Meeting of the Texas Water Pollution Control Association, Galveston, Texas, May 17, 1985

Nuisance odors are commonly associated with wastewater treatment facilities. Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia compounds, and volatile organics are often released to the atmosphere as the wastewater is processed. These odorous compounds can be present in large enough concentrations to be offensive to nearby residents. Prolonged releases of nuisance odors are likely to cause ill-feelings between agency staff and the public. Such situations can become highly publicized with political overtones and claims of poor plant operation and management. Some municipalities have paid fines through administrative or legal proceedings before a regulatory agency. In other cases, court judgments have included payment of damages to residents for reduction in property values due to nuisance odors.