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Sulfide Control in Omaha Interceptors
Author: Perry L. Schafer, Geoffrey Carthew, Stephen King, James Belina, David Petrocchi
Date: 10/85
Presented at the 58th Annual Conference of the Water Pollution Control Federation, Kansas City, Missouri, October 7-10, 1985

In 1984, the City of Omaha, Nebraska initiated a program to resolve odor, corrosion, and safety problems at its Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant (MRWTP). Initial assessment work indicated that sulfide controls for the two major interceptors leading to the MRWTP could provide a substantial first step in solving many of the problems. Full-scale interceptor testing of caustic and iron chloride treatment systems was promising and led to successful, continuous use of these control systems in 1985. Sulfide concentrations have been sharply reduced at the MRWTP, and although the problems are not completely resolved, substantial improvement has been made.